4 Happiness Coaching Sessions (SAVE $904) + BONUSES

4 Happiness Coaching Sessions (SAVE $904) + BONUSES

Lasting happiness can be taught and Dr. Frank Kinslow knows how to do it better, easier and faster. And, the fastest way to longer lasting happiness is private coaching with the man who developed and perfected the system. 


Bonus #1 - Learn QE Audio Download (Value $197)

Learn how to accomplish the internationally renowned happiness and healing technique Quantum Entrainment® under the personal guidance of Dr. Frank Kinslow, its discoverer and only teacher. (audio download)

Bonus #2 - How QE Can Boost Energy, Satisfaction & Success Audio Download (From the Essential Healing Series) (Value $475)

In his engaging, easy to understand style, Dr. Kinslow guides you step-by-step through proven procedures of healing and happiness for everyday application. (audio download)

Here is only part of what you get:

  • Sleeping, Insomnia & Stress
  • Eating, Overeating & Obesity
  • QE for Eating Disorders
  • QE for Worry-free Travel
  • Driving Challenges
  • Effortless Walking
  • Overcoming Family Resistance
  • Helping Children Manage Stress
  • Creating Flow
  • Watching the Watcher
  • QE Mini-Med
  • Get all this and much more…

Bonus #3 - Personalized 6-Week Happiness Bootcamp Blueprint (Value $745)

Once your couching sessions with Dr. Kinslow ends, continue to ride your tsunami of happiness with a custom designed blueprint of happiness that will serve you for the rest of your life. Know what to do and when to do it for maximum happiness and success.


Total Value $4,117


But There’s More…


Surprise Bonus! [For A Limited Time Only]

You are going to love this! Be one of the first 15 people to join and attend the 4-Day, tropical treat, Kinslow System Happiness Retreat absolutely FREE!! Join others from around the world for 4 mind blowing days with Dr. Kinslow in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, and learn firsthand his revolutionary happiness method. That’s a $1495 Value, but your reserved seat will cost you $0.00.


What You Get:

4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Kinslow                             (Value $2,700)

Learn QE Audio                                                                                   (Value $197)

How QE Can Boost Energy, Satisfaction & Success Audio                 (Value $474)

Personalized 6-Week Healing/Happiness Bootcamp Blueprint        (Value $745)

Kinslow Happiness Retreat                                                                (Value $1,495)




You get all this for only $1796


The only question left to answer is:

Do you want to become healthier and happier?


Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked!

You have a 100% money back guarantee on any unused sessions, no questions asked.

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4 Happiness Coaching Sessions (SAVE $904) + BONUSES

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