Coronavirus & QE



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Coronavirus & QE

Practical 60-minute Webinar Recording

During this most anxious and dangerous time, it is important that we maintain a strong immune system, protect ourselves from infection and help others without personally falling ill. 

QE has long been recognized and an invaluable adjunct to natural healing. Here’s what one mother and flu sufferer had to say about the healing value of QE…


“Over more than a year of applying QE on myself, I’ve noticed that my chronic flu, from which I suffered since I was 12 years old, went away. This year I no longer need any medicine or pills.

My overall immune system improved by 80% or at least I feel that way. During a QE session, the body relaxes, and I feel my breath becoming deeper and more peaceful. Even my son was at risk of tonsils surgery. I also apply QE on him regularly and now he doesn’t need a surgery anymore. With the help of QE … all complications are gone. If your doctor recommends a treatment, the application of QE supports the healing process and a quicker recovery.” Vendula K.


In this live webinar with Dr. Kinslow you will learn to:

  • Strengthen your immune system to help prevent falling ill
  • Help others heal without coming in contact with them
  • Speed your recovery if you become ill

…see for yourself how QE can help resolve the challenges of coronavirus and other health concerns.


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Coronavirus & QE

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