Exercises for Quantum Living for Two, 2-CD Set
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Exercises for Quantum Living for Two, 2-CD Set 

Listen & Learn Quantum Entrainment®

What you will learn on this 2-CD set:

· The Quantum Entrainment® Process
· Understanding Eufeeling

· When to use QE
· QE Communication
· Healing Others
· Love Relationships
· Teach Kids QE
· QE for Pets

This two CD will show you how to communicate with people, pets, and even inanimate objects from the deepest, most nurturing level of human awareness.  It is designed to be shared with a spouse, a friend, or even with someone you may have just met.  In it you will learn the exciting scientific process  Quantum Entrainment® with will awaken in you awareness of Eufeeling, a source of inner joyfulness.  Then you will actually learn to create the perfect relationship, help remove physical and emotional complaints for friends and family,  teach Quantum Entrainment® to children, deal with strife within the family and even help heal the problems of your pets.
2-Compact Disc Set: $25.00 plus shipping & handling


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Exercises for Quantum Living for Two, 2-CD Set

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