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When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing: How Learning to Let Go Will Get You Where you Want to Go (Book)

Based on the latest scientific thinking, this groundbreaking book will introduce you to the extraordinary benefits of doing nothing. Within these pages a new philosophy of human potential is born. You will learn ten practical techniques that require little effort, no knowledge, no mind, no emotions, and not even the belief in the process itself. Results begin immediately and continue to grow long after this book is set aside. Written as if you are right there with him, Dr. Kinslow will enlighten and inspire you to the joys, the possibilities, and the power of doing nothing.

Quantum Entrainment® Introductory Presentation DVD

In this introduction to Quantum Entrainment DVD you will be able to personally explore the wonders of how Quantum Entrainment works. Quantum Entrainment is the rapid healing process that is changing lives around the world. Dr. Frank Kinslow, the originator and only teacher of Quantum Entrainment, will explore with you the simple yet profound principles that have made QE a global phenomenon. Dr. Kinslow clearly illustrates these principles with exercises that you can do at home with immediate results. This DVD is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to understand how a simple, easy to learn process can create rapid healing and harmony in your body and mind, your everyday life, and even in your pets.

  • In this DVD you will learn:
  • What is Quantum Entrainment
  • The Material Model
  • The Mental Model
  • QE Demonstration
  • Exercises: Finger on Forehead
  • Growing Finger
  • Stopping Thought

Quantum Entrainment Exercises Audio CD


An Introduction, How to Stop Thinking, Who Am I?, Overcoming Anxiety, Finding Your Self, The Gate Technique, Finding Your Subtle Body, Overcoming Physical Pain and The Pure Awareness Process.

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Holiday Package 2

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