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How To Be Happy Without Even Trying (Book)

Tired of trying to be happy? Are the law of attraction and positive thinking a waste of time? Do you find motivational methods falling short of their claims? You are not alone. Millions are turning away from traditional efforts to find happiness to discover a simple, scientific system that really works. How to Be Happy Without Even Trying will introduce you to the basics of effortless happiness. With the support of the latest research, Dr. Kinslow debunks motivational methods and deposes them with the Kinslow Happiness System, a sane system that increases happiness without trying. In fact, that is the only way lasting happiness can be attained. What’s inside this book? · How the Law of Attraction Makes Things Worse · Can Positive Thinking Make You Less Successful? Sick? · How Failure Creates Success · Opening the Door to Happiness · Three Levels of Happiness · Introducing the Kinslow Happiness System.

The Nothing Technique Audio Download

The simplest technique for experience nothing, the blank screen of the mind, pure awareness. Works in minutes. Great as a meditation by itself. Creates immediate and long-term healthful benefits.

The Eufeeling Technique Audio Download

Eufeeling is the first glimmering of individuality in the mind, the natural state of healthy human awareness. The Eufeeling Technique quickly and effortlessly introduces you to Eufeeling, which you will perceive as pure peace, joy, compassion, love, bliss, etc. (You must already know: The Nothing Technique.)

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Holiday Package 3

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