Mood Melting - Overcoming the Stress of Coronavirus



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Mood Melting - Overcoming the Stress of Coronavirus

Practical 60-minute Webinar Recording

The coronavirus pandemic has us all concerned especially those of us who are quarantined. Our whole lives turned upside down as our familiar routines are completely rearranged. We may be out of work, in the high-risk age group, feeling the stress of living long hours in close proximity to others, or all of these!


In this webinar, Overcome the Stress from Coronavirus, Dr. Kinslow will answers your questions about how we manage fearful thoughts related to coronavirus including, losing our job, money, getting sick, or the fear of something happening to a loved one.

  • How can I neutralize negative thoughts?
  • I’m worried about my job, and money and…. everything!
  • My family is worried. Can I help them, too?

You will learn the Kinslow System Mood Melting Technique to free yourself from persistent and unwanted fearful emotions.


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Mood Melting - Overcoming the Stress of Coronavirus

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