QE Basic, Advanced & Eufeeling INTENSIVE Webinar
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STARTING DATE: Saturday, April 18

END DATE: Wednesday, June 17


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  • Includes the QE Basic, Advanced and Eufeeling Intensive Sessions
  • 18 Total Online Lessons / 2 lessons per week (Saturdays & Wednesdays)
  • 3 Live Online Q&A Sessions with Dr. Kinslow
  • Each lesson of the QE webinar will be open for two weeks. The week of presentation and the week after presentation
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*LMTs may earn 6 hours for each of the QE Basic, QE Advanced, and QE Eufeeling Webinars for a total of 18 CE hours.

NCBTMB Approved Provider Number: 301
Florida Approved Provider Number:  50-15997


Learn Quantum Entrainment® Without Leaving Home!

Now you can find out what has tens of thousands of people around the world so excited and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. The complete Quantum Entrainment Basic and Advanced Workshops are ready for you in this single webinar. And like the QE workshops, the QE Webinar is taught personally by the discoverer and only teacher of Quantum Entrainment, Dr. Frank Kinslow. The QE Webinar includes 18 comprehensive, fully packed lessons, three of which are live question and answer lessons with Dr. Kinslow. The Q&A sessions are lively, personalized, and give you a chance to refine your QE techniques.

What will you learn?

The Quantum Entrainment Webinar will show you how to, in just minutes, create meaningful healing events in yourself, others and even your pets. You will learn how do QE to help alleviate physical pain and emotional discord, learn to heal over great distances, apply its regenerating effects to relationships and financial concerns, and even teach your children. You will learn how to do QE in a group, how to host QE group practice sessions, and how to set up your own fun filled 90 day program for inner harmony and outer healing.

Who can take the Quantum Entrainment Webinars?

The QE Webinar will show you how to find and refine that part of you that heals quickly and deeply. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s real! You do not need any special talents or training. Nor do you need faith or belief as QE is a simple scientific technique that anyone can do. If you are reading these words you have everything you need to learn Quantum Entrainment on the web. If you have read one of the Quantum Entrainment books, or even taken a QE workshop then the QE webinar will make an excellent review. You may also learn updated techniques, and of course, you have a chance to interact personally with Dr. Kinslow during the three live Q&A sessions. As a gift, a QE Webinar is a wonderful way to say “thank you” or express your gratitude to a loved one.

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QE Basic, Advanced & Eufeeling INTENSIVE Webinar

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