Quantum Shift in Your Business Webinar, May 5 - June 23

NOTE: this webinar will start on Tuesday, May 5 and will end on June 23.

There will be one lesson every Tuesday at 1pm ET.

Each lesson replay link will be available for 2 weeks. 


 Quantum Shift in Your Business Webinar

7 Secrets to Better Business and Vibrant Health


This webinar will introduce the participant to the simple idea that the business application of QE will quickly result in more efficiency and success, energy and fun in their lives.

You want your work to be rewarding, right? You want to complete your projects with success, feel good about yourself and be appreciated for the work you do.

You may have once dreamed of how successful and happy you would be. But, as time passed, your dream was buried under longer, more demanding hours at work, skyrocketing stress levels, perhaps declining health and escalating family tensions.



For whom is this webinar useful?

Companies looking to improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, increase cooperation and motivation among employees. Individuals looking to improve job satisfaction, office attitudes, energy and enthusiasm.


What will you learn?

You will learn to balance the challenges of business while improving personal physical and emotional harmony.

Exercises: Treating yourself to a Self-Session. Dissolving Financial Worries. Healing the Heart; physical, mental and emotional rebuilding.


What subjects will be discussed?

- Balancing work and home

- Time out for productivity

- Do less and get more done

- Overcoming Negativity


What results will you receive and what can you expect from this webinar? How will this webinar change your life?

At webinar’s end you will understand the underlying causes of disharmony in the workplace and how to greatly reduce work and home related emotional and physical stresses. You will have a personalized program that takes only minutes a day.

You will:

- Find work to be more rewarding.

- Complete projects with more success.

- Be appreciated by others.

- Feel re-energized and revitalized from the very first session!

- Learn why positive thinking and motivational systems often fail.



Business Webinar Outline:


Session 1

Learn: Every Action Has a Reaction - We Progress by Going Backwards 

Experience: Finding your Reset Point 


Session 2

Learn: How to Do Less and Get More Done

Experience: Discover your “success” reservoir 


Session 3

Learn: The Purpose of Life is the Expansion of Happiness

Experience: Learning to Love 


Session 4 

Learn: What You Perceive Is What You Believe

Experience: Removing Emotional Conflict 


Session 5 

Learn: How the Problem is Not the Problem 

Experience: Remove Your Financial Worries



Session 6 

Learn: Your Awareness Determines Your Success 

Experience: Going to the Source of Happiness



Session 7 

Learn: Harmony is the Ultimate Awareness  

Experience: Unfolding Your Full Potential 


Session 8

Learn: Pulling it All Together

Experience: The Kinslow System Body Scan - Harmonizing body, mind and “me”


NOTE: Prerequisites - none needed.
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Quantum Shift in Your Business Webinar, May 5 - June 23

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