What the Bleep QE DVD Video

 What the Bleep QE DVD Video (in English with German translation)

In this DVD, filmed at the International What the Bleep Congress 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Frank Kinslow shows why he is considered one of the top teachers and lectures in the field of alternative healing today. In classical Kinslow fashion, Frank unfolds the mysteries of healing through awareness with insight, clarity and humor. Frank’s lively, interactive rapport with the audience makes this DVD an exciting way to learn the basic principles and practice of the Quantum Entrainment® process.
In this single DVD you will:

•Experience the Growing Finger exercise
•Understand how Quantum Entrainment® works
•Learn to stop your thinking
•Find out what is in the gap between your thoughts
•Learn the Quantum Entrainment® process
•See an actual demonstration of the remarkable healing potential of Quantum Entrainment®
(Note: Frank’s lecture is given in English and translated into German. It can therefore be understood by both English and German speaking viewers.)

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What the Bleep QE DVD Video

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